Waking Up In The Morning, I Didn’t Realize It Could Be An Enjoyable Thing


It’s amazing how life can change, I just to dread getting up and going to work or even getting up in general. Today especially with the nice weather, I was up before my alarm went off and was ready to tackle the day. I didn’t realize it was an enjoyable thing to wake up each morning. Work was good and luckily went very quickly. After work I attended a support group meeting and it was very useful. This evening Patrick and I hung out with my younger sister for hour or so, it was nice to catch up.

I have started a fundraising page for my 5K to go to the charity that I am running for. If you are interested in looking at the page or more information on my charity, please go to www.crowdrise.com/jdickey5K. By creating the fundraising page, it holds me accountable to finish my 5K because people have donated to my cause and I want to give back by finishing my 5K. Tomorrow evening I am out for a run again. The forecast for tomorrow is 73 F with a 30% chance of thunderstorms. So I should be able to run outside, if not I will head over to the gym’s track to training.

My tattoo is healing nicely and I have gotten some compliments on it already. I think when I finish my weight loss journey or come to a point where I have stabilized, I will get my left leg tattooed with another set of lyrics from the same song. It will say “Believe in me, sometimes the weak become the strong.” I may get the Buddhist Dharma symbol below it. But I have time to create that one.


Daily Inspirational Quote: “Make your life a mission – not an intermission.”  ~Unknown

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