Turning Dreams Into Reality


Sorry I didn’t blog last night, some Tuesday evenings I attend my Mary Kay training’s and that makes for a late night sometimes. I really enjoy going. I get to see my fellow Mary Kay girls and learn new things for my Mary Kay business as well as major motivation that applies to both my Mary Kay business and my personal life.

So I am taking the first steps to building the company of my dreams. I have picked a name and have started writing a business plan. My goal is to have my business plan completed over the next few weeks. It’s time to fulfill goal number two of the this year, get my business off the ground.

I found another great image of off Pinterest that I just had to share. What a great way to look at weight loss, from now one I am going to say I got rid of X number of lbs instead of I lost X number of lbs. You’ll notice that I stopped sharing my number with you, one reason is because I have stabilized and haven’t had any huge changes in the last several weeks. I actually went up a few lbs after starting birth control pills four weeks ago, but I am already starting to go back down on the scale. My main reason is that to me you can live a healthier life and still be a number that society doesn’t feel is healthy or is scary, because I think the thought of a person of size actually not stuffing their face with McDonalds at every meal is scary to people. Is someone who is 110 lbs, smokes a pack a day, doesn’t exercise, and eats what ever they want really healthier than me? I might be a “scary” number but I eat as healthy as I can, I don’t smoke, I try to exercise regularly, and I am capable of running a huge chunk of a 5K run. Want to tell me again that I am unhealthy?

Daily Inspirational Quote: “When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.” ~Charles de Lint

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