February 500 Miles In 2014 Mileage Collection


This post is for those who are registered and participating in my 500 Miles In 2014 Walking Campaign.

The mass email was sent this morning, I’m still getting a few emails spit back to me, so if you are registered and didn’t get my email this morning please email me or message on here and I’ll check to see what the issue is!

Here is the link to submit your February mileage! This is how mileage will be submitted each month for the remainder of the year. Each month I will email the link for you to submit for that month, so below is the link for the month of February only.

MILEAGE WILL SUBMITTED TO ME HERE: http://bariatricbeginnings.polldaddy.com/s/february-500-miles-in-2014-mileage-collection

Starting tomorrow (or today if you’re done) you can begin using the link to submit your mileage. You have until Monday, March 3 at 11:45pm (EST) to submit your mileage then the link will not except anymore responses.

And remember the prizes for the month of February are:

1. A canister of CLICK (winner chooses flavor), CLICK back-pack and a CLICK bling tumbler from CLICK Espresso Protein Drink
2. 1 Blender Bottle with 5 packets of Oh Yeah Total Protein System shake mix (various flavors) from OhYeah! Nutrition
3. 1 Variety Protein Soup Box from Bari Life Bariatric Supplements
4. 5 packets of Big Train Blended No Sugar Added Ice Coffee (vanilla and mocha) from Betterbariatric.net

Those who logged at least 40 miles (remember I prefer these to be extra exercised miles and not everyday activity!) are eligible for the prize drawing. I will announce the 4 winners on Tuesday, March 4.

Also remember if you are no longer interested in participating or can’t participate please email me at bariatricbeginnings@gmail.com so I can remove you from my database so you won’t receive anymore communications from the campaign. I understand life and injuries happen!


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