My Big Personal Goal For 2015


For those of you who don’t realize I actually have two degrees (a B.S. and M. Ed.) in Community Health Education. However they have never panned out to being able to secure a job in that area due to being morbidly obese (because who wants to listen/hire to a fat person about health education) and the job market here where I live sucks. I’ve been out of graduate school almost 7 years and have been working sub-par jobs that are far below my skill and educational level. My current job is that actually.
Anyway one of my big goals for myself after gaining my health and life back was to do something with those degrees. I’m finally going to follow my dream.  I WILL launch my health education consulting business in 2015. It’s time for me to fulfill my dream and use my two health education degrees that I spent time (6 years) and effort earning.
My goal will be to run my business in the beginning as I work my “day job.” But ultimately I want my consulting business to be my only job. I am devoting the rest of this year to building my business plan, deciding what health topics I want to consult on, I plan on offering both online and in-person services. This is happening next year! By the end of this year I want be ready to get this off the ground!

I shared on my Bariatric Beginnings Facebook page about deciding to launch my health education consulting business and got these wonderful comments! It totally gives me motivation and hope that this will happen!


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