Update On My Kidneys


Update on my kidney condition that has been plaguing me for the past 7 weeks… I had my appointment with the nephrologist this morning.

I DO NOT have any autoimmune disorders, cancers, or serious viruses that could be causing the interstitial nephritis condition.

I did have one blood test that might signify what could be causing the nephritis. My Angiotensin Converting Enzyme blood test came back high. That enzyme coming back high could indicate a condition called Sarcoidosis. However the blood test isn’t the best way to diagnosis this condition. More invasive testing is.

We are continuing my Prednisone treatment for the next three weeks and then we will begin to taper off of it. If after going off the Prednisone my kidney function declines again we will re-run the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme blood test again and do another biopsy (I had one in the hospital), that is will be the best way to further diagnosis if it could be this Sarcoidosis. If my kidneys remain normal off the Prednisone we will know that the condition was caused by an allergic reaction to the Topamax which the doctor said was quite possible that it wasn’t completely out of my system earlier and it caused the relapse a few weeks ago. He doesn’t want to dig any deeper into the testing for sarcoidosis right now because the testing is a little more invasive and even if it is sarcoidosis the treatment is still Prednisone.

I am allowed to go back on my Ambien (yay sleep!!!), Multi-Vitamin, Calcium, Vitamin D, and B12! We are holding off on adding my Celexa which I take for anxiety back in and I’m okay with that.

Overall this is all good news. I am going back to work on Tuesday after being off for 8 weeks.


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