Back To Work


Tomorrow afternoon will be my first day back to work, I’m finally off short-term disability after 8 weeks. A kidney disorder and anemia have sidelined me since January 12. You can look back at old posts to read all about my kidney problems this year.¬†I’m a little nervous but I think I’m going to be okay this time but we shall see. Last time I went back (tried to) 3 weeks ago I lasted only 4 hours. However this time I am on medication and last time I was not and going back into kidney failure and I was becoming anemic again. At least right now my kidneys are functioning properly and I’m not anemic!

However I am going to be nervous when we start weaning off the Prednisone¬†at the end of March. There is a chance the kidney disorder will still be there because we are still not 100% sure what caused it. My post from March 5 explains that, click here to read it. When my kidneys start to fail I become anemic and that is what makes it very difficult for me to work since I have an extremely physical job. But there is also a chance it won’t happen, so I’ll just have to be watchful. I return to my kidney doctor in 2 weeks and then we will start going off the Prednisone.

I also wanted to share for those Northeast Ohio readers that¬†I’ve formed a team ¬†to do the 2014 Northeast Ohio Walk for the¬†National Kidney Foundation Inc! With my recent issues with interstitial nephritis and the fact my fatheris a kidney cancer survivor (cancer free since 1999!) I really want to get more involved in kidney health awareness. I would love for local friends to join me!¬†It’s free to walk, there is NO registration fee!. It’s Sunday June 8, 2014 (day before my 31st birthday!) in Cleveland (Great Lakes Science Center) starting 9:00 am. The walk typically about a flat 3-5 mile walk, un-timed. ¬†Click here to join my team or donate to the cause:¬†

Since it was a half decent day here in Ohio I got out and walked outside now that I’m off medical restriction. Did you exercise today? Next week I plan to go back to my personal trainer since I still have about a month’s worth of sessions to use up. I can’t wait for spring to full arrive, I love walking outside the most and so far the weather hasn’t been that nice here for it.


Stay tuned on Thursday, March 13 for a special blog post from me on kidney health in honor of World Kidney Day (March 13.) I hope you will join me in wearing orange or some orange in honor of the day.


“Don‚Äôt go through life, grow through life.” ~Eric Butterworth

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