Why I’m Not Ashamed Of My Body


Despite losing 130+ lbs I am still a big girl, I know I always will be. I still get looks of disgust in public and face weight discrimination. People (medical professionals included) see my big body or the number 285 pop up on the scale when they weigh me, they like to judge. They assume I don’t exercise or don’t try to eat right. Sometimes people try to give you their “two cents,” but I smile and nod and remember that I am personally not ashamed of my body or the number of the scale. There is so much more to me than a number and I embrace that.
Why am I not ashamed? Because this body of mine has gotten me through so much. It’s survived childhood epilepsy and a rape. It has survived two major surgeries and years of crippling depression. It has recently survived a massive physical trauma and withstood 11 blood transfusions.
I love every flaw and every curve of my body because it has gotten me through so much. If this body had failed me I wouldn’t be here right now.
I will keep loving my body and everything it gets me through. I will keep it as healthy as I can so that it can continue to serve me. I will continue to not let the scale or numbers define me because they are nothing to be ashamed of.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Ashamed Of My Body

  1. firstly, congratulations on your weight loss! It must have been a strong commitment to change to make it happen! It takes a strong mind first before we endeavor on anything! In your weight loss have you had issues with skin elasticity?


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