Birds, Flowers, and Big Purchases


Today was an amazing day with my husband. We went on a little road trip to Pittsburgh, PA which is about an hour and a half east of us. First we went to the National Aviary. We saw so many birds there, I even got to feed some nectar to the Lories. They fly right up to you and land on your arms and eat from your hands, it was amazing.

The most amazing part of my day.

After the Aviary we went to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This is one of my favorite places. My grandparents used to take me there every summer when I would go and stay with them for a week. It is a great memory that I have and I wanted to share it with my husband.

Taking time to smell my favorite flowers, orchids.

After the aviary and gardens, we headed to our favorite store, IKEA. We don’t have an IKEA around us so they only chance we ever get to go is if we are in Pittsburgh or outside Lemont, IL where my grandparents are buried. Our big purchase was a bed. Patrick and I have not owned a bed since 2008. We have been sleeping on a mattress and box springs for the past four years, mainly because I was so heavy that the last one we had could support both of us. We have held off getting another one because we wanted to wait until we had moved last summer and I also was too scared to sleep in another bed for fear of breaking it. The only beds that I was comfortable sleeping on these past few years were hotel beds. The last time we visited my good friend in Columbus I was scared to sleep on the pull out couch because I thought I would break it, it took Patrick over 5 minutes to get me to lay down and this was about at least a 50 lbs weight loss. So buying this bed was a big deal. The last thing we did before heading home was get some dinner. After we got home we spent a good hour and a half putting the bed together. Then our crappy old router went out so we ran out to Target to get a replacement since I was not going to be happy if I could blog tonight.

Tomorrow I start my semi-liquid diet for a few weeks. I need to get off this plateau that I hit a few weeks ago and get some more weight off before my 5K in 5 weeks. I want another 10 lbs off before than which I think I can exceed if I follow this diet to a T for the next few weeks.

Daily Inspirational Quote: “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” ~Margaret Lee Runbeck